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Expiry of ITS Accounts

Your ITS Account will automatically expire;

Student :- eight weeks after your ‘end date’

Staff :- six weeks after your ‘end date’

Others :- (Uni Id 40xxxxx) immediately on your ’end date’

  • As a student you should be assigned an end date to coincide with the end of your course.
  • As a student you will get email and limited accout access for one year beyond this date.
  • If you are on a fixed-term contract, an end date should be set for the end of your contract.
  • If you have an engagement with the university (Uni Id 40xxxxx) an end date will have been set by your sponsoring department.
  • If you are assigned a new University ID, then any current account may be set with an end date and will expire.

Sometimes, expiry of your ITS Account may have been altered manually (for example, following an authorised extension).

Notification of expiry

You should receive a notice email one month before your account is set to expire. If you receive this email, please note that your account will stop working on expiry. If you are not expecting your account to expire, read the information below to see why it may be set to expire and then contact the IT Services Help Desk as appropriate.

Beware of phishing

A genuine expiry notice email from IT Services will not only give details of the account expiring but will also contain other University-held data specific to you. If you are unsure of the email's authenticity, please call the IT Services Help Desk and we will be able to confirm whether your account is set to expire and the email notification is genuine.


What to do when you receive an expiry notice

My account has expired or is suspended – can I renew it?

If you are no longer a member of the University and do not have a valid University card then we are unable to renew your account.

If you are a current member of the University with a valid University card please contact the IT Services Help Desk.

Rejoining the University within 12 months

Staff and students who leave the University and rejoin with 12 months will likely retain their original ITS Account and email address. Please contact the IT Services Help Desk if you're in this position.