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ONS Secure Research Service

Approved WBS researchers have access to the Office for National Statistics Secure Research Service at WBS. Any staff member seeking this access should contact the WBS Research Office on research at wbs dot ac dot uk

Approved Researchers (AR) must adhere to a strict set of rules set out by the ONS. Any breach of these rules is liable to see access revoked without warning. The following is a list of particular issues with regards to the use of IT but it is only intended to augment and not replace any other documentation or agreements you are provided by the Research Office.

In particular:

  • Access to the SRS is only permitted from a WBS-provided and managed device. Access must never be attempted from a personal device. Users of WBS-provided Apple Macs must ensure they are enrolled into the University's Apple Management service before attempting SRS access
  • Approved Researchers must use a privacy screen when accessing the SRS from a shared office. Please contact the WBS Research Office if you need such a screen providing
  • Approved Researchers must only ever access the SRS from an approved secure room (typically their office) unless they are explicitly covered by a remote access agreement. Access must never be attempted from a shared location such as the WBS Cafe
  • Approved Researchers must never attempt to connect remotely to a machine within their office in order to access the SRS remotely (i.e. it is acceptable to use remote desktop access a machine in your office, which in turn is accessing the SRS)