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Summer School on Behavioural Science of Diversity & Inclusion

Provisional dates Monday 27 June - Thursday 30 June 2022

Please check back to this page for further confirmation


The summer school will bring together leading academics, researchers, and organisational leaders specialising in evidence-based approaches to advancing diversity, inclusivity, and belonging in workplaces, business organisations, and learning environments. This event will be run online due to uncertainties around travel restrictions.

Participants will learn about and engage in topics and issues relating to gender, race, ethnicity, disability etc. by looking at the extent of such inequalities in markets, organisations, and society in general; identifying the underlying sources and drivers of these disparities; as well as assessing the effectiveness of potential solutions and policy interventions. Topics covered at the summer school will include, but will not be limited to: (1) competition and workplace diversity; (2) hiring decisions and diversity in organisations; (3) diversity and inclusion in the classroom; (4) the extent and nature of discrimination in the workplace and society; (5) diversity in work groups and teams; (6) differences in economic and social preferences across demographic groups; and (7) effective policies and approaches to increasing diversity in organisations and other environments.
The Summer School is targeted at postgraduate and PhD students from the fields of economics, psychology, behavioural science, philosophy, organisational behaviour, management science, human resource management, social policy, as well as the general audience from the public and private sectors who are interested in learning new theories and evidence in the science of diversity and inclusion. The school will take place at University of Warwick, United Kingdom. The school will also be a platform for conversation among the lecturers and other participants with ample opportunities for discussions. For more information, please contact:
Places will be limited to a maximum of 40.

Organisers: Redzo Mujcic and Zvi Safra (Warwick Business School)

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This will be the eighth Behavioural Science summer school held by Warwick Business School (WBS).

Keynote Speakers and Faculty - likely to include

Amanda Bayer, Professor of Economics, Swarthmore College

Lisa Correa, Principal Economist, Offfice of Communication (Ofcom)

Dawn Eubanks, Associate Professor of Behavioural Science and Strategy, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Suqin Ge, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Virginia Tech

Andreas Leibbrandt, Professor of Economics, Monash University

Redzo Mujcic, Assistant Professor of Behavioural Science, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Nattavudh Powdthavee, Professor of Behavioural Science, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Michael Vlassopoulos, Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, University of Southampton

Asaf Zussman, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


The participation fee for the Summer School will be confirmed in early 2022 when details for registration will be published.