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Summer School on Medical and Ethical Decision Making

7 July-10 July 2015, Venice

Warwick in Venice

The school will feature a series of lectures by distinguished economists, health scientists and psychologists who made significant contributions to the field. The lectures will cover various economic, health and psychological theories, as well as, aspects of decision-making, including ambiguity, learning, probabilistic choice, rank dependence, smart heuristics, unawareness, and their applications to health policy development and to clinical care of individuals.

This will be the third summer school on decision-making held by Warwick Business School (WBS).

Keynote Speakers and Faculty

Ido Erev - Technion & Warwick Business School
John Fox - University of Oxford
Gerd Gigerenzer - Max Planck Institute for Human Development
Gerard P Hodgkinson - Warwick Business School
Edi Karni - Johns Hopkins University & Warwick Business School
Moshe Leshno - Tel Aviv University
Tigran Melkonyan - Warwick Business School
Daniel Read - Warwick Business School
Zvi Safra - Warwick Business School
Uzi Segal - Boston College & Warwick Business School
Ivo Vlav - Warwick Business School

Information for Participants

Participants will pay a token participation fee of £150, to cover lunches, refreshments and one social dinner event.

Participants are responsible for booking own travel and accommodation.


Abstracts and relevant papers Slides

This summer school is being supported by contributions from the Global Research Priority in Behavioural Science (GRP: Behavioural Science), The Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) and Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health and Care (CLAHRC). It is running in association with the Network for Inetgrated Behavioural Science (NIBS).
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