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Summer School on Social Choice and Ethics

4 July-7 July 2017, University of Warwick

Warwick in Venice

The issues of social justice and ethics percolate extensively in various aspects of decision-making including policy choices and business strategies. The last decade, particularly, has witnessed the emergence of novel theoretical and empirical models in social choice theory, welfare economics, and ethics. The Summer School is targeted at doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers and junior faculty in the fields of economics, behavioural science, and management and organisation studies who are interested in learning novel economic and behavioural science approaches to justice, fairness, and ethics. The School will take place at University of Warwick, United Kingdom. It will feature series of lectures by distinguished economists and behavioural scientists who have made significant contributions to the fields. The school will also be a platform for conversation among the lecturers and other participants with ample opportunities for discussions. Although the school is targeted at junior researchers, all are welcome to attend. For more information, please contact: Summer dot School at wbs dot ac dot uk.

Organizers: Tigran Melkonyan and Zvi Safra
Co-organizers: Linda Donovan and Shawnna Pomeroy

This will be the fifth summer school on decision-making held by Warwick Business School (WBS).

Keynote Speakers and Faculty

John Roemer - Yale University: Kantian Games
John Weymark - Vanderbilt University: Non consequentialism and Unanimity/Dominance in Ethics, Social Choice and Welfare Economics

Nick Chater - Warwick Business School: Virtual Bargaining as a Micro Foundation for Ethics
Edi Karni - Johns Hopkins University & Warwick Business School: Arrow's Impossibility Theorem, Utilitarianism and Impartiality
Chengwei Liu - Warwick Business School: Wise crowd turns foolish when the Matthew Effect is bounded
Sebastiano Massaro - Warwick Business School: Deontic Justice
Tigran Melkonyan - Warwick Business School: Risk Ethics
Zvi Safra - Warwick Business School: Utilitarianism and Fairness
Uzi Segal - Boston College & Warwick Business School: Randomization in Social Choice and Dynamic Consistency

Information for Participants

Participants will pay a token participation fee of £180.00, to cover lunches, refreshments, one half-day excursion to Coventry Cathedral followed by Traditional English afternoon tea, and two dinners.

Participants are responsible for booking own travel and accommodation. Accommodation is available on campus in student housing for an additional fee of £205.00 for 4 nights, including breakfast.

Application deadline extended to 14 April 2017.

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This summer school is being supported by contributions from the Global Research Priority in Behavioural Science (GRP: Behavioural Science).
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