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Behavioural Design

The Behavioural Design Lab was formed in November 2012 in collaboration with the Design Council, uniting behavioural science with design-thinking. Our aim is to help organisations transform a better understanding of people into innovative solutions that impact society.

The biggest issues in society – from obesity to climate change – are either dependent on or seek to effect the judgments and decisions people make. Too many organisations rely on information provision alone, falsely assuming that raising awareness of key facts will change behaviour.

We believe the best way to solve social issues is to not only research how and why people make decisions, but use the design of products, services and places to help them make better decisions. Behavioural design crosses the divide between research and practice to inspire radical ideas, create social and economic value, and further knowledge of human choices and wellbeing.

We can help organisations understand the role of behaviour in the challenges they face and adopt new approaches through design-led innovation. We are currently seeking funding and knowledge partners from all sectors to tackle issues related to health, green living, communities, consumer empowerment and education.

To read more about how behavioural design can help organisations tackle big social issues, download Changing Behaviour by Design.

To find out more or get involved, please contact Edward Gardiner

Design Council

The Design Council enables people to use design to transform communities, business and the environment for the better. As an enterprising charity, their work creates value by stimulating innovation in business and public services, improving our built environment and tackling complex social issues. They inspire new design thinking, encourage public debate and inform Government policy to improve everyday life and help meet tomorrow’s challenges today.

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