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Click on the Welcome video link to watch the introductory video.

The lectures in 2010-11 were recorded. Click on the relevant link below to listen to the audio recording.

Lecture 1: Basics

Lecture 2: Financial Arithmetic

Lecture 3: Investment under Certainty

Lecture 4: Risk Aversion and Expected Utility I

Lecture 5: Risk Aversion and Expected Utility II

Lecture 6: Optimal Portfolio Selection I

Lecture 7: Optimal Portfolio Selection II

Lecture 8: CAPM I

Lecture 9: CAPM II

Lecture 10: Equity Valuation I

Lecture 11: Equity Valuation II

Lecture 12: Bonds and Interest Rates I

Lecture 13: Bonds and Interest Rates II

Lecture 14: Bonds and Interest Rates III

Lecture 15: Market Efficiency I

Lecture 16: Market Efficiency II