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PhD Students

Doctoral Students (Year and Institution of First Placement)

  • Xiao Li (current student)
  • Shuiqing Wang (current student)
  • Hongwei Mo (current student)
  • Gajen Selverajah (current student)
  • Danilo Antonino Giannone (2016-2020)
  • Wenrui Zhang (2019, Shanghai Zhaobei Capital Ltd)
  • Leslie Djuranovik (2018, Bank Indonesia)
  • Pit Breyer (2015, McKinsey & Company)
  • Ilias Filippou (2014, Warwick University, Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Dean’s Office)
  • Georg Rickmann (2014, transfer to Accounting Ph.D. program at MIT)
  • Florian Bardong (2007, Barclays Global Investors, Research Analyst)
  • Kevin Aretz (2007, Lancaster University, Assistant Professor of Finance)
  • Jeffrey Wang (2005, Central Taiwan University, Assistant Professor of Finance)