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Current Research Themes

Illustrative research themes include:

Technology and Product Innovation Strategic Marketing Services Marketing
Consumer Behaviour Consumer Misbehaviour

Corporate Social Responsibilty

Internal Marketing and Employee Performance  International Marketing Luxury Brand Marketing

 Technology and Product Innovation

Hu Y and Van den Bulte C (2014) Nonmonotonic Status Effects in New Product Adoption, Marketing Science, 33 (4), 509-533
Hu Y, McNamara P and McLoughlin D (in print) Understanding outbound open innovation: out-licensing behaviors of entrepreneurial venturing in the bio-pharmaceutical industry, Technovation
Wang Qing, Yang Yan, Zhu Henghuan, Wu Guishen (2012) What Are the Effective Strategic Orientations for New Product Success under Different Environments? An Empirical Study of Chinese Businesses. Journal of Product Innovation Management 29: 116-179
Hu Y and Van den Bulte C (2012) The Social Status of Innovators, Imitators, and Influentials in New Product Adoption: It's Not Just about High versus Low, MSI Research Report No 12-106, Cambridge, MA: Marketing Science Institute
Alexander D L, Lynch J G Jr and Wang Q (2008) As time goes by: do cold feet follow warm intentions for really new versus incrementally new products? Journal of Marketing Research 45: 307-319


Strategic Marketing

Dacko S, McCabe J and Stern P (2012) Before and after: How the Dirichlet Can Analyze the Sales Impact of a Promotional Activity. Journal of Advertising Research 52


Services Marketing

He H, Li Y and Harris L (2012) Social Identity Perspective on Brand Loyalty. Journal of Business Research 65: 648-657

 Consumer Behaviour

Brandes Leif, Franck Egon and Theiler Philipp (2013) The Group Size and Loyalty of Football Fans: A Two-Stage Estimation Procedure to Compare Customer Potential Across Teams, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series A: Statistics in Society 176

Brandes Leif, Nüesch Stephan and Franck Egon (2014) Death-Related Publicity as Informational Advertising: Evidence from the Music Industry, Marketing Letters

Wang, Q and Shukla, P (2013) Linking sources of consumer confusion to decision satisfaction: the role of choice goals, Psychology & Marketing


 Internal Marketing and Employee Performance

Björn Bartling, Leif Brandes and Daniel Schunk, (2014) Expectations as Reference Points: Field Evidence from Professional Soccer, Management Science 

Leif Brandes and Egon Franck (2012) Social Preferences or Personal Career Concerns? Field Evidence on Positive and Negative Reciprocity in the Workplace, Journal of Economic Psychology 33 925-939 

Leif Brandes and Donja Darai, (Working Paper) The Value of Top-Down Communication

Leif Brandes, Marc Brechot and Egon Franck, (2015) Managers' External Social Ties at Work: Blessing or Curse for the Firm? Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization


International Marketing

Banerjee Sourindra, Prabhu Jaideep and Chandy Rajesh (Working Paper) The International Growth of Emerging Market Firms: An Indirect Learning Explanation

Luxury Brand Marketing
Wang Q, Research monograph (Forthcoming) The Luxurious Mind: Mental and emotional representations of luxury brands, Cambridge University Press

Wang Q and Shukla P (2013) Linking sources of consumer confusion to decision satisfaction: the role of choice goals, Psychology & Marketing