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Doctoral Research

Our group contains academics from four broad disciplinary areas: (1) organization studies (where a core theme is process, practice and institutions), (2) organizational psychology, (3) human resource management and (4) employment relations.

While a core theme for colleagues working in the organization studies domain is process, practice and institutions, our work also addresses themes relating to knowledge, innovation, networks, time, professions, CSR, Foucault, leadership and many, many others.

Core themes for organizational psychology colleagues include emotional processes at work, leadership, motivation, the implications of justice perceptions and the psychological contract. The core themes for human resource management colleagues involve the implications of HR strategies for organisational performance and how environmental, institutional and governance factors shape organisations’ HR systems and practices.

Core themes for employment relations colleagues involve: the study of both collective and individual voice in the workplace and the impact of unions on outcomes of importance to employers and employees; equality, diversity, careers and work-life balance; and the European and international governance of work and employment, focusing on the increasingly internationalised nature of employment relations and how the transnational features of employment systems and international institutions (at EU level for example) impact on both organisations and workers.

The OW is lucky to have an extremely talented group of PhD students, who also participate in the group's teaching activities. Information on each student can be found on the PhD Students section of this site.

Historically, we have been extremely successful at supervising a large number of PhD students to completion, many of whom have gone on to become important figures in the field. We are presently looking to expand the number of PhD students in the group. Those interested in applying can contact Nick Llewellyn (Head of Group) or Rene Weidner (OW PhD Representative) directly for informal advice and suggestions. You should also look at the Doctoral Programme website.

Our Doctoral Programme begins in October. Apply by 30 June to guarantee consideration for entry in October of the same year. Later applications may sometimes be considered but we cannot guarantee that they will be processed in time.

You are strongly advised to apply to us as early as possible, particularly as funding often depends on securing a place early. Most funding is allocated by the end of January, some earlier still. Furthermore, while scholarships are available, these are highly competitive and usually awarded to exceptional candidates with a strong research proposal and distinction in a relevant Masters degree. Please note that as the first year of our programme contains a compulsory taught research training element, it is not usually possible to start at other times of the year. For details on the application process, please go to the WBS Application Procedure .

Head of Group:
Professor Nick Llewellyn

Racheal Monnington
OW Group Administrator
Warwick Business School
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL

T: 44 (0) 24 7652 3671