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Matthew Hurst


Matt Hurst is a PhD candidate in the Organisation and Human Resource Management department at Warwick Business School. He is an active member of the Process, Practice, and Institutions (PPI) research programme and part of the team creating the 2021 PPI Summer School. A participant in the Warwick Ethnography Circle, he holds an MSc Social Anthropology from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and is a member of the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI).

Prior to Warwick Business School, Matt spent 15 years in the communications industry. Most recently he was Chief Operating Officer, UK & Ireland, and Global Executive Vice President, Culture, at the largest communications firm in the world. During those roles he had experience of leading significant organisational change.

Matt is experienced in building long-term relationships with large international organisations including HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, Facebook and many more.

Research Topic

Harnessing emotion through strategizing

Matt’s research explores the role of emotion and sociomateriality in strategizing. He is currently doing longitudinal ethnographic fieldwork with a management consultancy that co-creates three-to-five-year organisational strategy with FTSE 100 organisations.


Davide Nicolini and Rene Wiedner