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Kidz Camp 2017

Hear from the kids themselves...

Thank you for helping us run Kidz Camp again!

Kidz Camp is a four day residential holiday for Year 5 children from a local primary school which takes place during the first week of the Easter vacation. It’s made possible thanks to donations like yours.

Most of the children who take part have never spent a night away from home before; often they’ve never even been on holiday before. Many receive free school meals and are on pupil premium. It’s important to know that to see the value of what you’ve helped us to offer, including fun activities and confidence-building.

The camp is run by dedicated student volunteers who plan and manage every aspect of the holiday. It took over 900 volunteer hours to run the camp this year. The 12 students who took part were fully trained with courses including safeguarding, risk assessments, project planning, and food hygiene. Your donations helped to fund these training costs, travel and accommodation costs, food, and resources including pens, papers, PE equipment, and more.

This year, the year 5 group taking part was larger than in previous years, so more kids benefited from the experience.

One teacher, Vicky, said it benefited the children greatly:

It has increased their self-belief and self-esteem, giving them opportunities to use independence in a range of activities. They also worked well as teams, particularly when building shelters in the woods. In addition, it was great for the children to spend time with the student volunteers, who proved to be super role-models to the children. Several of the children have changed, due to this experience, showing self-confidence which impacts greatly on their learning.”

Thank you to everyone who donates to Warwick and makes projects like this possible! Donate online today.