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Latest fundraising news from Warwick

image You've helped us find a new way to attack cancer

Thanks to your donations, our researchers have discovered that we can destroy cancer cells more effectively and selectively with a unique new reusable treatment, activated with a substance found in stinging nettles and ants.

It’s hard enough to succeed when you live in the remote Mtwara region of Tanzania, but even harder when you are deaf.

image You've helped us run 'Aspiration Days' at Warwick Arts Centre

Last year your donations let 316 Year 6 children visit Warwick

Warwick Arts Centre's popular 'Aspiration Days' give local schools a creative, fun field-trip, and a chance to see what life at University is like.

Last year, gifts like yours helped our specially trained Education team to work with schools which historically have a low proportion of students going on to higher education.

image You've helped students like Jess with scholarships

Jess has had a tough few years, but your support has helped her get through and she'll soon begin a career in her dream role.

She's one of 22 scholars to benefit from a new scheme at Warwick, the Women in Engineering Scholarship, which aims to support women to inspire other women into STEM roles.

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