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Your Scholarship Impact Report 2017

Download the ReportSocial mobility is a significant issue in the UK, and it’s a bigger problem here than in any other developed country in the west.

For the first time since the Second World War, younger generations are starting their careers with lower incomes than their parents, and the Social Mobility Commission say that “the rungs on the social mobility ladder are growing further apart” (State of the Nation 2016: Social Mobility in Great Britain).

The pinnacle of many professions continues to be dominated by a small section of the population — 74% of judges, 71% of barristers and 51% of journalists went to schools that educate only 7% of the population; a fact that I know many of you are acutely aware of and are keen to address.

Even though more students from disadvantaged backgrounds are going to university than ever before, only 30% of those on graduate schemes at the country’s top employers went to a non-selective state school.

You've helped to give almost 200 students a scholarship over the past year

Warwick is acutely aware of this challenge, and it is why our scholarship programmes are so important to us. Because of you, and your generous support, we have been able to support close to 200 students with a philanthropically funded scholarship over the past year. You’ve provided more cash bursaries than ever before, and have also helped us to introduce a series of additional bursaries to support scholars who are undertaking internships, vacation schemes, charity work or international student exchanges. It’s all down to you.

... And offered tailored support too

We were also able to deliver a series of tailored events and workshops to support the scholars’ career progression. The highlight of the year was the Professional Development Day, held in our new teaching and learning building The Oculus, which saw alumni return to talk about topics such as leadership, resilience, entrepreneurship and personal branding. We also returned to The Shard for our annual networking event, taking almost 70 current scholars to London to meet with the benefactors who make these programmes possible. All of these events help scholars to develop the skill sets that will help them reach their career aspirations.

In this report you will read the impact of this work from the scholars themselves; how your support has helped them to develop, and get the most out of their time at Warwick. Above all else, the scholarship programmes provide opportunities and experiences that will stay with them throughout their lives and careers.

Everyone here at Warwick is thankful and proud that our community is coming together to help the next generation of students. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Luke Taylor
Associate Director of Development

Read the Scholarship Impact Report 2017 

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