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Warwick in Africa Report 2015

Thank you for your support

Our annual report will be arriving with all our Warwick in Africa supporters shortly. If you can't wait to see the latest updates, why not take a read online today!

Welcome to our tenth anniversary annual report for Warwick in Africa.

Ten years ago we started off with a simple idea, and it’s been our guiding principle ever since: we harness the brightest brains of Warwick students and alumni to help improve the education and life chances for children in some of Africa’s poorest schools.

We had no idea how fast it would grow – from just 12 Volunteer Teachers in six Johannesburg schools in 2006 to 136 volunteers in 25 schools across Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa in 2015.

I’m delighted to report that we have now reached well over 280,000 young Africans and their teachers; improving Maths and English teaching and making a lasting difference to their lives. Our approach has proven to be sustainable and is delivering significant improvements in performance, ambition and motivation for learners and their teachers.

This year we have especially focused on quality and further deepening our impact to ensure we deliver lasting change to academic results and the individual aspirations of learners. This approach has seen results improving by 57% following our teaching.

None of this would be possible without our supporters and I want to thank every graduate, friend, trust, foundation and company who have provided the essential funding.

We are also deeply grateful to our Volunteer Teachers; their remarkable energy and skills help them to deliver inspirational teaching in our partner schools and training and coaching for African teachers. I hope you enjoy meeting some of them in this report.

I am incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in just one decade and hope you will be inspired to be part of our future.”

Professor Colin Sparrow
Programme Director & Head of Maths,
University of Warwick


Download the PDF to read the full report