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Thank you for supporting the Warwick Medics Ladies Football Club


Every year, the Opportunity Fund shares out some special donations to help Warwick students enjoy and take part in extra-curricular activities. It means that every student has a chance to develop new skills, make new friendships, and enjoy the non-academic side of campus life.

Last year thanks to donations like yours, the Warwick Medics Ladies Football Club won an award of £375 to help them enter a national tournament last year.

Member Hannah Maxfield reports back:

Our club welcomes all female students at Warwick Medical School; we have a fun and friendly team who meet up on Wednesday evenings to train.

Due to the nature of our courses and exams, our seasons tend to be flexible and we mostly play friendly matches, but every spring, medical teams from across the UK meet for the National Association of Medical Students (NAMS) tournament. This is a fantastic opportunity to put our training into practice and play competitively, as we tend to miss out on main opportunities because of our teaching schedule.

This year, your support helped to cover the cost of our team entry fee - usually it's divided between us all but this time we all breathed a sigh of relief at only having to pay for travel, accommodation and food. Because medical students tend to have fewer hours away from the classroom (or placements), we often have fewer opportunities to take up extra employment too, which means that activities like this can be difficult to take part in sometimes.

Thank you so much for making our bursary possible. We had a fantastic time at the tournament which was our most successful yet, with one win, one draw and two losses. We scored more goals than ever before and were so pleased to apply the hard work and training we'd put in. It's given us a lot of encouragement for next year!

We're all incredibly thankful for the financial support that was provided to us on an individual basis, and we hope it will help us recruit new members too as we expand the profile of our club and promote women's football more in future.

Thank you for helping all students at Warwick take part in great activities like these!