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Scholarships at Warwick

Could you help open doors to scholars who need financial assistance?

The Warwick Scholars' Programme (WSP) is our flagship scholarship scheme, supporting gifted and talented undergraduate scholars from disadvantaged backgrounds.

WSP’ scholars are amongst the most gifted students of their generation. They are the doctors, bankers, lawyers, professors and leaders of our future. By supporting the programme, you will help someone complete and excel in their degree, secure an internship, visit a museum, tutor a child at school, find a job, start a business, discover a cure. That’s what we call life changing.

What will your gift offer?

  1. Increased confidence and soft skills: Ongoing academic, careers and pastoral support, and bespoke social events to build confidence in new settings
  2. Better career chances: Opportunities for work experience, shadowing, mentoring and internships
  3. Financial help: £2k per annum to help fund the costs of living and provide access to essential educational resources and experience

    Scholars are identified through our regional and national educational outreach programmes, often in the most challenging schools, where aspirations are low and access to Higher Education is limited.

    WSP scholars are UK nationals, and priority is given to scholars from backgrounds where the household income is less than £35,001 per annum. Typically our scholars come from backgrounds where household income is less than £25,000. Many are the first in the families to go to university.

    Pictured above: one of our Lloyds scholars, 2015

    Scholars' Stories


    “I am honoured and extremely grateful for the fact that I am supported in this way.

    Not only does it give me peace of mind financially and has allowed me to do things I might not have necessarily done otherwise, it also gives me a confidence boost.

    Just because I come from a deprived area doesn’t mean that I am not good enough to be here.”

    Sam Martin


    Coming from a single-parent family, the cost of university was one of my greatest influences in living at home while studying.

    In this respect, the support of my donor has been invaluable and has helped to alleviate some of this financial stress, both for myself and my mum.

    Marlie Cummings
    Biomedical Science


    “It is an amazing feeling to know that there is an individual out there who I have never met before but believes in me enough to fund a scholarship in order to help me reach my full potential.

    It is hard to imagine how different my university experience would have been without it.”

    Yasmin Asantewaa
    German & Business Studies


    Thanks to my scholarship, I have the opportunity to undertake research in an area that has been of interest to me since the very start of my studies.

    The scholarship gives me peace of mind as far as financial issues go, and enables me to concentrate on my study, which is very rewarding.

    I have presented in the department and at national and international conferences. These are extremely motivating and exceptional opportunities. Thank you.

    Ben Jacoby
    Politics and International Studies PhD

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    The Multicultural Scholarship Programme (MSP) at Warwick

    This programme now runs in Law, Business and Engineering.

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    Why do I give to the Multicultural Scholarship Programme?

    One donor explains...

    The lack of diversity within the legal sector is a recognised challenge and the Multicultural Scholars' Programme aims to address this.

    The challenge our profession faces is making its membership as diverse as the clients we serve and the business environment in which we operate. It is an issue which is high on the agenda of our clients as well as the leaders of our professions.

    Achieving the objective of diversity is going to take much, much more than good intentions and ensuring the absence of discrimination in hiring and promotion. The plain fact is that, currently, there are insufficient qualified candidates from the diverse backgrounds we seek to hire from.

    The MSP is achieving its stated objective to produce graduates from under-represented groups helping the profession generally and our own firms in particular to meet our own diversity goals. I highly commend the Programme."

    David Dalgarno