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More philanthropic student support at Warwick:


The Friends of the University of Warwick Singapore Scholarship

A new example of an international scholarship scheme


The Multicultural Scholarship Programme (MSP) at Warwick

This programme now runs in Law, Business and Engineering.

Why do I give to the Multicultural Scholarship Programme?

One donor explains...

The lack of diversity within the legal sector is a recognised challenge and the Multicultural Scholars' Programme aims to address this.

The challenge our profession faces is making its membership as diverse as the clients we serve and the business environment in which we operate. It is an issue which is high on the agenda of our clients as well as the leaders of our professions.

Achieving the objective of diversity is going to take much, much more than good intentions and ensuring the absence of discrimination in hiring and promotion. The plain fact is that, currently, there are insufficient qualified candidates from the diverse backgrounds we seek to hire from.

The MSP is achieving its stated objective to produce graduates from under-represented groups helping the profession generally and our own firms in particular to meet our own diversity goals. I highly commend the Programme."

David Dalgarno

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