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Women in Engineering

Engineering is at the heart of society...
…yet over half the population isn't involved.

You name the problem, there’s a good chance an engineer will help solve it.

We’re creative problem-solvers, tackling countless issues in practical ways, from printing 3D organ replacements, to cleaning the oceans, to building better homes, ships and planes, to delivering new and sustainable sources of energy.

There are no outspoken rules preventing women from pursuing engineering. Yet decades of cultural stereotyping have created substantial barriers to particular sectors on the basis of gender, deterring young applicants.

Women now make up less than 10% of today’s engineering workforce in the UK. It's one of the lowest proportions worldwide, and puts the UK at a competitive disadvantage. The engineering sector is hard-hit by a shortage of role models for women, and we’re losing out on the creativity and talent from half the potential workforce before they've even had the chance to train.

Can you help us tackle this? The IET has been campaigning this year with the message that '9% is not enough', and led by Warwick alumni, we're trying something new too. Two graduates created a new scholarship scheme to inspire creative, talented women to step forward and become tomorrow’s inspirational role models.

We've welcomed 16 scholars already with the Warwick Women in Engineering Scholarship - many of whom would not be studying engineering without this financial support. Could you help us welcome more?

The confidence they gain as scholars, their degree performance, career development, and advocacy for engineering, sets them apart from day one.

They're selected through a highly competitive written application and interview process that allowed us to identify talented individuals who serve as outstanding ambassadors for Women in Engineering. Above all, we are looking for the leaders of tomorrow, and those women who have the most to offer as future role models.

Please could you help Warwick bring the best female talent into engineering by donating to our scholarship programme today?

If you can’t see it, you won’t be it. Your gift could help make a real difference in one of the world’s most integral work-forces, tackling the world's greatest challenges.

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YewandeHelp us train more ambassadors like Yewande

“Engineering is a great career choice for women. It’s full of creativity and the fact that it directly applies to our lives makes it extremely rewarding.

I’m often asked ‘what is it like to work in a predominantly male environment?’ And it has its fun and not-so-fun days. Things are changing but we really could do with a bit of an accelerated process.

I recently designed high-rise buildings in China, and it was great to see the amazing capabilities of my female colleagues, designing the skyline of China’s growing cities. In the UK, I am constantly blown away by the work of some of my friends - female aircraft engineers, chemical engineers.

Winning the IET’s Young Woman Engineer of the Year, AFBE’s Exceptional Achiever Award and Management Today’s 35 under 35 Award have inspired me to continue to ‘raise the game’."

Yewande Akinola
BEng Engineering 2003