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Educator staff development across the Alliance

Monash Warwick Alliance Education Fund - January 2019 Round

Research has demonstrated a positive link between institutional investment in a professional development programme for teaching staff aligned to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), and strong levels of engagement reported by students in the UK Engagement Survey (UKES).

The Teaching and Learning Unit at the University of Warwick has been successfully delivering Higher Education Academy (HEA) accredited schemes since 2012. The accreditation provides external and independent confirmation that professional development is aligned with the UKPSF. Successful participants on these programmes/schemes will be eligible to be awarded one of the four categories of HEA Fellowship; Associate Fellowship (Descriptor 1), Fellowship (Descriptor 2), Senior Fellowship (Descriptor 3) or Principal Fellowship (Descriptor 4).

This Alliance Exchange Program is led by Professor Clemans, Academic Director, Monash University and Dr Gramaglia, Learning and Development Manager, University of Warwick. It facilitates both institutions to share expertise in academic development to enable them to develop context-driven, high quality professional development programmes which are benchmarked to the international standards of the UKPSF. Development of an accredited programme at Monash is supported by sharing of Warwick’s experience and expertise, with Warwick staff mentoring colleagues at Monash to gain Fellowship or Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, and to establish an accredited CPD Fellowship programme at Monash. It will also identify possibilities for joint professional learning opportunities for educators at both institutions.

Ongoing knowledge exchange will facilitate cross-fertilisation of ideas and approaches relating to education and educational development between the two institutions, and also between Australasian and European networks of academic developers, well beyond the life-time of the project.

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