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Pathways to the public health workplace

Monash Warwick Alliance Education Fund - April 2018

Work-integrated learning opportunities for students are essential for their development of key employability skills, consolidation of learning, and ensuring their ‘work-readiness’. The University of Warwick has developed an innovative module in its Master of Public Health which offers students the opportunity to undertake a novel virtual learning experience. The students are partnered with local and international public health agencies and can collaborate on ‘real life’ projects within a workplace based setting.

Professor Ilic and Dr Marais plan to work together to share learnings and best practice with the vision to developing shared virtual work-based placements in an international setting. This would be a significant step in broadening the opportunities offered to students at both institutions, and would give them the chance to reflect on their experiences and learning, not only across disciplines, but also geographically and across cultures by interacting with their peers at the partner university.

Principal Applicants:
Visiting Fellow:

Dr Raya Darcy, Educational Designer, Medical Education Research & Quality (MERQ) unit, School of Public Health & Preventive Medicine