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Developing a suite of short, low-cost, online micro-credentialed courses to support healthcare improvement innovation and impact

Monash Warwick Alliance Education Fund - May 2019 Round

Despite Healthcare systems in the UK and Australia being ranked among the best in the developed world, there is rising public, political and economic pressures mounting over the gap between evidence and translation into patient experience, clinical outcomes and quality of care. It is understood that an innovative healthcare system requires a skilled and collaborative workforce able to generate and mobilise new knowledge.

To address this issue, Professor Helen Skouteris, Monash Warwick Alliance Joint Professor in Healthcare Improvement and Implementation, and Professor Graeme Currie, Professor of Public Management Pro-Dean for Research from the Warwick Business School, will lead a team to co-design and deliver a suite of short, low-cost, online micro-credential academic and workforce development courses. The courses will support leaders and frontline clinicians to embed healthcare improvements and implementation across all levels of healthcare systems. The course content will be informed by findings from ongoing research, as well as interviews and surveys with industry experts.

The project aims to strengthen the international program of research and education that is being successfully fostered between the Business and Health faculties at both universities. So far the team have achieved great success in developing and delivering a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in ‘Leading Healthcare Improvement’ with 4,000 enrolments from countries including UK, Australia, Africa, Asia and the EU, and a successful 25% completion rate. A MOOC in ‘Implementing Innovation in Healthcare’ is also currently being delivered.

Principal Applicants: