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Knowledge Mobilisation in Complex Healthcare Systems

Monash Warwick Alliance Education Fund - April 2018

As health professionals continue to drive change and offer more flexible pathways for undertaking study in healthcare improvement, a For Fee Open Online Course (FFOOC) will be developed introducing participants to knowledge mobilisation in complex healthcare systems, and providing a pathway to the joint Master program currently under development at Monash and Warwick.

The development of the FFOOC will be driven by Dr Tracy Robinson, Senior Research Fellow in Implementation and Healthcare Improvement and Professor Helen Skouteris, Monash Warwick Alliance Joint Professor of Healthcare Improvement and Implementation Science based at the Monash Centre for Health Research & Implementation and Dr Debbi Marais, Postgraduate Academic Lead for Curriculum Innovation, Warwick Medical School and will provide a unique opportunity to offer a micro-credentialing course allowing clinicians to customise their learning in healthcare improvement, whilst meeting pressing health industry needs.

Principal Applicants: