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Enhancing transferable skills in undergraduate practical laboratories

Monash Warwick Alliance Education Fund - April 2018

Equipping undergraduate students with well developed transferable skills is high on the agenda in order to support graduate employability. Christopher Thompson, Senior Lecturer, School of Chemistry at Monash University and Russell Kitson, Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of Chemistry at the University of Warwick are working together to achieve this through testing and evaluating different curriculum methods through the design of ‘digital’ badges for transferable skills.

These badges will be added to curriculum material and MLE sites to raise awareness of undergraduates of the learning opportunities presented to them. In Monash University this will be supplemented through the establishment of workshops on reflection and the use of Student Futures to log skills development. At the University of Warwick the badges will be awarded to students through assessment and micro credentialing of threshold skills competencies. These two different approaches will be evaluated and best practice shared between the two institutions.

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