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Dr Frederik Dahlmann

What motivated you to work with the Monash Warwick Alliance?Shirin Rai

Speaking to another researcher at an international academic conference, we realised that we both shared a variety of research interests. We also remembered that our respective universities had formed a strategic alliance. We continued our conversations and when we heard about the Monash Warwick Alliance Catalyst fund, we saw this an ideal opportunity to pump prime our research partnership. Moreover, we felt the funding allowed us to connect with a much wider network of researchers at our respective universities and thus to strengthen our collaboration in the field of sustainability.

What are your top three collaboration achievements so far?

We were very satisfied with the opportunities the catalyst fund provided us in terms of getting our research off the ground. The funding enabled us to collect and analyse primary data, visit each other’s University to expand our network of local researchers and external stakeholders, and publish several research outputs. We also managed to establish good connections with industry partners whose work closely aligns with our aims and project recommendations.

What do you hope to ultimately achieve through your collaboration?

Our next step is to build on our initial findings and the established partnerships to apply for larger external grant funding. The aim is to extend our pilot project with a more comprehensive research proposal designed to better understand the processes needed to support the development of purpose-driven businesses. We believe such organisations could play an important role in helping to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Given the scale and urgency of many of these complex issues, working together with researchers at Monash provides the ideal launchpad for research with global impact.

Can you share one fun fact about yourself or your work?

Not sure about fun in the conventional sense, but since the beginning of our research collaboration, I have contributed to a virtual upgrade panel for a doctoral student at Monash and earlier this year I also led a virtual module for undergraduate students from both Warwick and Monash through our new Alliance Intensive Study Programme (AISP). This goes to show that the Alliance has provided me with a variety of different opportunities to collaborate across teaching and research. And yes, these types of exchanges are good fun too!

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