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Dr Jason Ong

What motivated you to work with the Monash Warwick Alliance?Shirin Rai

When I was a post-doc in the United Kingdom, I attended a workshop where Professor Ivo Vlaev from the University of Warwick was a speaker. I was fascinated by the applications of behavioural economics he discussed. When I returned to Australia, the stars aligned as I was pleasantly surprised to find out about the Monash Warwick Alliance!

What are your top three collaboration achievements so far?

We ran the world’s first Nudgeathon in sexual health and were successful in obtaining a follow-up grant to develop the ideas from the Nudgeathon. We co-created Nudge campaigns with the community, which will be launched as a national campaign in 2022.

What do you hope to ultimately achieve through your collaboration?

Professor Vlaev and his team have provided us with the expertise in behavioural economics which we have applied to our strategies to end HIV transmission in Australia.

Can you share one fun fact about yourself or your work?

I used to have 30 pet rabbits (all at the same time!)

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