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Driving Change in Healthcare

The question of how to integrate new research findings and education in healthcare is crucial for ensuring optimal patient care and the sustainability of our healthcare systems. Many of these systems, including those ranked among the best in the world, are faced with rising pressures from the overuse, underuse, different use and waste of healthcare practices and services with varying outcomes. An interdisciplinary team of experts at Monash and Warwick have united to lead a local and international program of research and education to revolutionise healthcare improvement.

With a strong track record developing and delivering competitively funded studies that impact government policy around the world, our Alliance team recently demonstrated a successful outcome for young people that are transitioning from the care system into independent adulthood through a significant grant for the Exploring Innovations in Transition to Adulthood (EXIT) study. Running for four years, researchers will work collaboratively to pinpoint innovations that have made a positive difference to young care leavers. The study will also identify the ways in which innovations are introduced, shared and adopted by various networks and professional bodies involved in supporting young people during their transition to adulthood.

A suite of academic and workforce development courses have been designed to support leaders and frontline clinicians to embed healthcare improvement across all levels of our healthcare systems. This includes online postgraduate education co-designed with industry partners to leverage specialist business knowledge on organisational change, a face-to-face and online Masterclass in Implementation Science, and a Women in Leadership program.

The team are developing an online course in Knowledge Mobilisation that will build the capacity of frontline clinicians to translate new knowledge into patient care, whilst working alongside an international cohort of health professionals.

Project led by:
Professor Helen Skouteris, Monash Warwick Alliance

Professor Graeme Currie, University of Warwick