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Joint Research Development on Metal-Organic Frameworks Functionalised Silicon Anodes for Advanced Energy Storage

Monash Warwick Alliance Catalyst Fund – October 2019 Round

Working together to create a step change in higher performance and better safety electrochemical energy storage devices, Professor Matthew Hill, Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering, Monash University and Professor Chee Tong John Low, Associate Professor in WMG, Warwick University will bring together a team of experts to develop next generation of lithium-ion capacitor technology.

The project will research the synthesis and characterisation of MOF-silicon anode materials (Monash), and electrode manufacture, their integration and device testing (Warwick). The team will combine and integrate their technical expertise to solve the materials and manufacturing challenges of electrochemical energy storage devices, enable the team to deepen their knowledge and extend collaboration beyond boundaries.

Principal Applicants:
Professor Matthew Hill Dr John Low 

Professor Matthew Hill

Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

Monash University

Dr John Low

Associate Professor, Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG)

University of Warwick


Dr Mahdokht Shaibani

Research Fellow, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Monash University

Dr Anh Dao

Research Fellow, Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG)

University of Warwick