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ICUR 2022

The Tenth Annual International Conference of Undergratuate Research

The tenth annual International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR) was hosted by the University of Warwick and Monash University on 28th-29th September 2022. The conference commenced at Monash University with a Pre-Conference Reception at the Monash Club, at which the Vice Chancellor provided an inspiring Welcome Address for guests, including student presenters, Session Chairs and staff.

ICUR included 460 spoken and poster undergraduate student presenters from our 14 participating institutions, which include Monash Network of Excellence partners, Pennsylvania State University and the University of British Columbia, University of Warwick’s EUTOPIA European University partners, as well as Stellenbosch University, Baruch College, CUNY, the University of Leeds and Nanyang Technological University. ICUR also included presentations from Erasmus+ DigiUR project institutions and the University of Leeds’s Laidlaw network, with over 20 institutions represented in total. The conference closed in the evening of 29th September with a reception for all presenters and staff in the Oculus Building on the Warwick campus.

“ICUR continues to develop and expand in exciting ways as we celebrate the 10th year of the conference. From creating new opportunities for student engagement at all stages and levels of the event, to providing platforms for participation with our key institutional partners at both institutions, ICUR is a programme that underpins educational excellence at Warwick and Monash.” – Professor Jonathan Heron, Director, IATL, University of Warwick

More than 60 Monash students and almost 140 Warwick students presented at ICUR, and the conference was supported by our 6 Student Directors, as well as 29 student Session Chairs and 7 student AV Tech Assistants. A significant number of attendees came along to view presentations in person at the Warwick and NTU conferences and over 700 unique visitors attended one or more sessions remotely via Zoom. Over 1000 people registered with the ICUR App to browse panel schedules, attend virtual poster sessions, and access the Zoom webinars.