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Marshall Raven

Student mobility experience at Warwick Business School

Marshall RavenFourth year student Marshall Raven recently returned from spending a semester at the University of Warwick. Currently completing a double degree in Business and Arts, majoring in Marketing and Psychology at Monash, Marshall said the University of Warwick exceeded his expectations.

“My time in the UK was great,” said Marshall. “I really enjoyed the subjects I chose and I wasn’t expecting to travel as much as I did.”

Marshall knew Monash had a partnership with the University of Warwick and was aware of exchange options, although he suggests that if you are considering an exchange experience it’s good to start planning in your first year so that you don’t miss out.

“I had a friend that went to Warwick and exchange was on my mind. Luckily I had one business elective left in my fourth year so I was able to use that.”

While at Warwick, Marshall studied four subjects - Philosophy, Starting a Business, Managing Customer Service and the Social History of Cricket. His favourite subject being the latter.

“The Arts department were trying out new subjects and I chose the cricket subject as something different to try out. I really enjoyed it. For the assessment we had to pick an important object from the cricketing world and produce three pieces of writing – a piece for children that was 300 words, a piece for adults that was 1000 words and a piece for academics that was 2500 words. It was really interesting.”

Marshall went to Warwick simply wanting to pass, but proudly left with first class honours in every subject. He says the Warwick Business School was impressive and found the business students to be very self-directed in terms of what they are wanting to achieve.

“In the Warwick Business School, the students work hard and everyone gets a tutor,” says Marshall. “This includes all local students and exchange students. They have high standards and it’s really well organised.”

Being the first time living alone, Marshall joined a room of five flatmates and made sure that he got to know not only other exchange students, but local students as well. His spare time was spent travelling around the UK and fortunately his timetable allowed for extended weekends.

“I was really organised with my work during the week so when it came to the weekend I could travel. By week seven I had visited about 20 different places. I wasn’t expecting to travel this much but I got into a rhythm and was really organised.”

With savvy skills for finding travel discounts, Marshall travelled across the UK by train.

“I did my research and found there were great savings getting a student rail pass and also splitting the tickets. I was able to give a lot of advice to other exchange students.”

Now that Marshall is back home, he has the travel bug.

“I love Melbourne but it has opened my mind to living outside of Australia for a while. I’d like to work internationally.”

His advice for other Monash students considering going to the UK?

“Immerse yourself in the experience and get into it as best you can. Go there with the mindset to do as much as you can, and embrace it. My experience has given me a different outlook on life.”