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Email: upcoming period of work

For a period of over 12 days from 9am on Monday 17 June 2013 you may have to change the way that you access your email account depending on how you usually do it.

This is because Microsoft has to move Warwick over to its new Office 365 service and requires us to disable certain email features for at least a week while they carry out the work. At the moment Microsoft can't tell us when the work will be finished, but we'll make another announcement here when we have more information.

The work will have the following effects from 9am on 17 June:

Accessing webmail

To access webmail by clicking the email link at the top of insite you'll need to log in with a slightly different username – [your user code] You'll have to do this even if you've already signed in to the Warwick website.

For more information, see our guide to accessing webmail during the Office 365 move.

Once Microsoft have finished their work you'll be able to access your email like you did before the move.

New accounts and changing account details

We won't be able to create any new email accounts during the period of work and you won't be able to have any of your account details changed. This includes:

  • Changing your password (if you change your password elsewhere, you’ll still need to use your old password to access your email account)
  • Changing your email address (due to marriage, for example)
  • Requesting access to a resource account

After the work is completed you'll be able to do all these things as usual.

Resource accounts

After the work is completed you might find that you can’t access a resource account as usual if you’re in the habit of logging in to it directly rather than accessing it through your main account.

In most cases we advise that you don’t access resource accounts directly with a password that you share with other people – this is dangerous from an information security point of view. However, in certain specific cases, we understand that you may need direct access to a resource account.

For advice on what to do see our guide to accessing resource accounts.

The webmail interface

The webmail interface will change slightly after the work is completed, taking on the look and feel of Office 365. It won't function in any particularly different ways.

After the work is complete

When Microsoft have finished moving Warwick over to the new service, you should go back to being able to access your account in the usual ways, apart from the resource account issues mentioned above.


If you have any problems accessing your email, we've set up a special Help Desk number for you to contact about any Office 365 email move issues. You can also contact us online:

Phone: ext. 51410