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How do I access webmail during the move to Office 365?

For a period of at least 12 days from 9am on Monday, 17 June 2013, the way in which you access webmail will be different depending on how you usually do it. This change is necessary while Microsoft move the University email to a new email service called Office 365.

Individual email accounts

To access your webmail go to

You may need to reset your password: if you are having difficulties with logging in to Webmail, you will need to change your password at The password you select will become your password for both logging into your computer and accessing your email.

You will be prompted to sign in even if you're already signed in to the University web site. Sign in to webmail with your usual ITS password and this slightly different username:

[your user code]

The Office 365 sign in screen looks a little different:

Screenshot: Office 365 sign in page

Once Microsoft have completed the move you'll be able to access webmail as you did before, using the University's Single Sign-on service.

The webmail interface will look slightly different after the move to Office 365:

Office 365 interface showing email inbox

Resource accounts and webmail

If you currently access a resource account directly by signing in to webmail as the resource account, you'll be able to continue doing so during the move to Office 365. However, this will stop working after the move to Office 365.

We recommend using delegated access to access your resource account. Please contact the IT Services Help Desk on extension 51410 or via the online Help Desk and we will set up delegated access for you.

If there are cases where you need to continue to sign in to a resource account directly, please contact the Help Desk to request this. We will provide you with a new password for you to continue to sign in directly.


If you have any problems accessing your email, we've set up a special Help Desk number for you to contact about any Office 365 email move issues. You can also contact us online:

Phone: ext. 51410
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