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We stand with Ukraine: VC statement

The days since the illegal and immoral invasion of Ukraine by the Russian State have been terrifying for all those people under fire in the country. For the rest of us, the shock at such reckless action has been profound. To be clear: I would ask all in our community to stand with Ukraine in these terrible times. And, with those Russians including our own students who are not responsible for this war, many of whom bravely speak out against it - thousands of whom have been arrested by the Russian State for the crime of peaceful protest. As a University, our response has been at a number of levels. First, we worked to secure a clear statement with our partners in the Guild of European Research Intensive UniversitiesLink opens in a new window. One crucial part of this shared statement reads: ‘As universities in Europe, we stand for democracy, for human rights, and for the right to critical enquiry and the pursuit of knowledge. We urge our political leaders to support us in doing whatever we can to extend this right to Ukrainian faculty and staff.’ Second, we have worked with our allies in Eutopia on a shared statementLink opens in a new window. The statement says: ‘We condemn violence replacing the diplomatic dialogue that should be ongoing between all the parties involved in the conflict. As a European university alliance, we defend peace and European values incompatible with the imposition of power by violence. War is a catastrophe that kills people, destroys infrastructures, damages confidence, and imposes a regression of the freedom of thinking, teaching and building together with young generations of students and researchers a better democratic world.’ Third, I have had a meeting with the Leader of Coventry City Council, George Duggins, to discuss how we as a university might work with the City to support our Ukrainian and Russian heritage and nationals both at the university and in the city. Please see the Coventry City Council statementLink opens in a new window. Our civic leaders say: ‘Many of them will be worried for family and friends back home, and we would like them to know that they are all in our thoughts and that we are there to offer support, as neighbours, friends and as a city.’ But there is more. Fourth, you will see a visible statement of our support for Ukrainians on our big screen, where ‘We stand with Ukraine’ will be shown. Fifth, at our Executive Board today, we agreed to review all our relations with Russian State institutions, with a view to terminating relations and contracts where possible. This will include student exchanges, and so is very challenging; we will of course engage with the Student Union on this. Sixth, I have written to the Russian Ambassador to the UK, as follows: ‘Dear Ambassador, As Vice Chancellor of the University of Warwick, I write to you to protest at the invasion of an independent and democratic European state by your nation. We stand with Ukraine at this time. I would ask you, personally, to search your conscience, and stand with those Russians who bravely speak out against war at this time. The actions of the Russian State put at risk all the gains made on our continent since the end of the Second World War. The stakes, in Ukraine, in Russia, and in Europe, could not be higher. Yours sincerely, Stuart Croft’ Seventh, I would encourage all in our community to do what we can to support. We will learn more about what that might look like in the near future. For example, the ‘Now and Then Talk’ with Christoph Mick and Claire Shaw on ‘Ukraine and the Uses of History’ on Wednesday 2 March 2-3pm which will be available on Teams. As a university, we will work with CaraLink opens in a new window, experts at supporting vulnerable academics into fellowships, with whom we have worked closely in the past. And we will look to see what we can do with our partners, whether in Universities UK, and in our European partnerships, to provide practical support. I will travel to our partners, Babes-Bolyai in Cluj, Romania, in a few weeks to discuss in person. Universities, by their very nature, are international and that has consequences: when all that is important is put at risk, we must speak out. Today, that means we must Stand with Ukraine. And finally, if you, as a member of the University community are affected by these events, please do contact Wellbeing Support ServicesLink opens in a new window, or your line manager. We will be contacting students and other members of our community who may be impacted directly with full details about support.  Best wishesStuart CroftVice Chancellor and President of the University of Warwick

Show your solidarity and support

Coventry City Council and Warwick District Council have shared resources and information on ways to support.


We know that this is a deeply distressing and concerning time for members of our community. You can access a wide range of people who can either advise you or direct you to the right person to support you – we have listed them below:

  • You can contact Wellbeing Support ServicesLink opens in a new window
  • Your line manager - speak to your line manager so that they can direct you to support, or if you are concerned about the impact on your work.
  • The Chaplaincy - Contact a Chaplain or fill out their short enquiry form – the Chaplaincy are there for people of all faiths and none. You can also access Prayer Facilities and come to the Chapel in the Chaplaincy to light a candle and place it on the altar.
  • Report and Support – If you’ve experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct, bullying, harassment, discrimination and/or a hate crime, confidential support is available to guide you through your options.

For students

  • Wellbeing Support Services – please contact the team via the Wellbeing Portal.
  • Your Personal Tutor - Speak to your Personal Tutor so that they can direct you to support, or if you are concerned about the impact on your academic performance.
  • Student Funding - If your circumstances have changed and you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact the Student Funding Office in the first instance for information, advice, and guidance.
  • The Global Connections Community (GCC) – join the community to connect with and speak to other students. The GCC is open to all students at Warwick.
  • Students’ Union (SU) Advice Centre – The SU Advice Centre offers practical advice and support or/and signposting on a range of enquiries. Complete the enquiry form.

Visa information

The Home Office have confirmed that Ukrainians who are on work, study or visit visas in the UK will have their visas temporarily extended or be able to switch onto different visa routes. You can check the full details, but to summarise, the changes cover the following:

  • Ukrainian nationals on an existing points-based system route (such as a Student visa or a Graduate Route visa) can extend their leave in the UK
  • Ukrainian nationals on an existing visitor visa can exceptionally switch into a points-based system immigration route without having to leave the UK
  • Ukrainian nationals on an existing visitor visa can apply under the family route for further leave without meeting the immigration status requirement, provided they meet the requirements for leave based on exceptional circumstances
  • Ukrainian nationals on an existing seasonal worker visa will have their leave in the UK extended to 31 December 2022
  • Ukrainian nationals in temporary HGV/pork butcher jobs will have their leave in the UK extended to 31 December 2022 and will also be allowed to apply to the skilled worker route.

If you require any visa advice, please contact the Immigration team.