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Staff Summer Fayre quiz answers 2013

Three winners to be drawn from all complete and correct entries. Each prize will be for four people. Winners will be announced on insite on Monday 12 August. The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Section 1: Films

For each of these, which film we’re talking about in our distinctly ungoogleable way:

  1. That one where the cyborg guy travels back in time to kill some woman, but ends up getting blown up and crushed in a random factory. The Terminator (first one only)
  2. That sad one about the man who went to live at the London Hospital
    The Elephant Man
  3. That one where that rodent is a better chef than any of the humans, cooking so well that he melts the heart of a callous, mean-spirited critic. Ratatouille
  4. That one where that really smart janitor solves a difficult maths problem but can’t solve his own mental problems without the help of an insightful psychologist.
    Good Will Hunting

Section 2: Sports

Which sports have these weird, obscure, not-all-that-searchable rules in their official systems?

  1. You have to have part of the foot in contact with the ground at all times.
    Speed walking and also snooker. Either or both are correct.
  2. If you don’t sign your score card, you’re disqualified, no matter how well you did or who saw it all happen.
  3. Each participant has to have a handkerchief with them for the entire match.
    Freestyle wrestling
  4. If someone scores an own goal, the closest member of the opposing team is credited with it.
    Ice hockey – either last player to touch or closest to goal. Basket ball (NBA only – not FIBA which is credited to the opposing Captain or NCAA). Either or both are correct.

Section 3: Songs

Which song titles have we paraphrased below in a way that makes them harder to look for on the internet?

  1. Nothing unexpected
    No surprises
  2. Wednesday 7 August 2013
  3. Attack me again, infant
    Hit me baby, one more time
  4. Basically of a higher quality than everything else
    Simply the best

Section 4: Celebrities

For each of the weird and wonderful facts below, tell us which celebrity we’re referring to.

  1. He has one permanently dilated eye since someone punched him when he was a kid.
    David Bowie
  2. He was left dangling from a zip wire during the 2012 Olympic Games.
    Boris Johnson
  3. He used to break-dance in Harvard Square to earn extra money.
    Matt Damon
  4. He’s played a tuxedo-wearing hero, but, before he was famous, he was busy eating fire in circuses.
    Pierce Brosnan

Section 5: Warwick’s History

We challenge you to answer these without looking on the Warwick website!

  1. What is the University's motto?
    Mens agitat molem (Latin) or Mind moves the matter or Mind over matter (either is correct)
  2. Who described Warwick as "a beacon among British universities for its dynamism, quality and entrepreneurial zeal"?
    Tony Blair
  3. Which comedian, who’s been on TV and on tour, once had a show on Warwick’s student radio?
    Stephen Merchant
  4. What year was Warwick founded?