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Editorial - From our Assistant Coach, Sri Sharma

"It's All in the Mind"

The Cricket Season is all but upon us - so what are the ITSLib squad members going to do to improve performance from last year? - individually & collectively?

Well as Assistant Coach one my quick wins would be "focus the mind" - yes work on your physical skills bat,bowl & field, but something that's often left behind is the "mindset" just before you bat, just before you bowl & out in the field.

What do I mean by mindset? - well I think that largely depends on what kind of Cricket personality you are - so if you are a defensive Cricketer by nature - concentrate hard on the field & focus on the little details at all times, & keep reminding yourself of your role in the team!, the postive minded cricketers? - stay postive! even when things are not going well, don't focus on the detail too much, you probably have some natural skills that made you a postive performer, they may diminish over time but never disappear!- remind yourself of what previous performances have given the team - narrow wins, game changing acts etc.

The Captains role? - Easy - just blend the postive & the not so postive players into a unit!