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Fielding Positions
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Editorial - From our Assistant Coach, Sri Sharma

Hi Guys,

Well now that you are into your season properly is there any aspect of your game that needs work? Well I will give you some hints that may sort out your issues!


Right well when we bowl we would like to think that we bowl in straight lines stump to stump. If this is the case then the first place we need to start analysing is where our feet land and where they are pointing. Once the feet are in the correct positon we need to look at the hips and then the shoulders and then the head. All in all the feet first and work up and if something is not in line then it needs to be corrected. All four aspects should work together to gain a healthier bowling style.

One aspect that can be a bowlers saviour is how to set his/her field for their bowling. lets think basically, if you are a quick bowler you will probably need a 3rd man and fine leg for those slight edges down the ground. Think about a slip, but remember whoever you have there has got to have quick reactions and a good pair of hands. If you are a spinner or slow bowler you are less likely to need these 2 people too deep so bring them up on a 45 degree angle and move the rest of the field around accordingly, thus seemingly feeling as though you have 2 more fielders on the pitch.

Lastly if you have a batsman in that you know plays a certain shot a lot of the time. Stop the shot by placing your fielders in those positions and make him play something different. The less confident they are in their shots the easier it will be to get them out!


Balance is a key factor and where our body weight goes can be uniquely linked to good performance in all aspects of cricket. Batting is no exception but instead of working up as in the bowling then please work down. The head is the heaviest part of your body no matter what anyone tells you! So if it is being pulled a certain way it will mean that you will limit your shot selection. This might prove to be difficult with self-analysis but it will become clearer if you get someone to watch you bat in a net. Stand upright and make sure the head gets to the line of the ball. Head, shoulders then hips again to make all of the shots possible. If you are struggling playing a certain shot ask for specific repetition on that shot so that it makes your movement as natural as it can be. Last of all, once you have played your shot are you on a stable base? If not then refer back to where your body weight should be.

Remember for every session or game set yourself a target and try to achieve or better that target.

If you are unsure about the technique then please ask I am happy to help. brian dot nairn at warwick dot ac dot uk

More hints and tips to follow.