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Lord Rootes Memorial Fund: Projects 2006

Thirteen projects were awarded funding by the Trustees of the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund in 2006:

Joseph Baines and Nina Rathbone Pullen
Perceptions of a rich and powerful neighbour: an investigation into the attitudes of Jamaicans towards the USA

Adam Boddison
The Role of the Park in the Community: Birkenhead Park in Britain and Central Park in the USA
Read more on Adam's website (click on Research Projects, then Lord Rootes)

Janice Chua and Stephanie Chia
An Identity of the Chinese Diaspora in California

Sharae Deckard
“Sinema La Nchi Za Jahazi”: Reviewing and Researching Cinema of the Dhow Countries at the Zanzibar International Film Festival 2006
Read Sharae's blog!

David Metcalfe
The Adonis Complex: modern man, masculinity and male body obsession in the USA

Aruni Mukherjee
Globalisation: The Changing Face of India
Read Aruni's blog!

Preston Scott Philips
The Dom: Jerusalem’s Forgotten People

Gil Reichenstein and Aaron Jones
Are the Vietnamese people ready for conservation?

Julie Sapsford and Frances Burden
Present Perspectives of Western Travel & Tourism in Sri Lanka
Read more on Julie and Frances's webpages

Matthew Sephton, Adam Falgate and Paul Beckford
A Three-Week Trek: How have people adapted the Pyrenean landscape to a sustainable way of life?

Robyn Smith
Orange Highway – A Short Film Experience (deferred to 2007)

Christine Spliid, Fatima Mullick, Guiseppe Papalia and Sarah Puello
How the difference in understanding of the Tango between social dancers, teachers, the public and dancers of different decades has caused the various roles the Tango plays in modern Argentina

Rosalind Wynn and Peter Cant
The Elephant Tree taking root at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006 [Can’t Win Theatre company]