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Warwickshire WI

Charity / Campaigns

Big Knit

Each year Age UK runs a campaign in partnership with Innocent Drinks called the Big Knit where knitters across the UK are asked to make and donate little wooly hats which Age UK arrange to go onto bottled smoothies. For every bottle sold, Age UK received 25p.

Age UK Warwickshire has a 2019 target of 2500 hats; let's see how many Warwickshire WIs can contrtibute to this total.


Make a Willow Plant Support

Learn the secrets of this ancient traditional rural craft from country craftsmen. Great for sweet peas, runner beans and other climbers.

Victorian Christmas Market - Gloucester Quays

Enjoy a whole host of stalls selling food, drinks and bespoke gifts not available on the high street.

Taiko Drums - Have a Go!

Taiko drumming is enjoyed by all ages and abilities. It's scientifically proven to be good for physical and mental wellbeing - and above all it's fun.

Barge Art & Shabby Chic Paint Techniques Workshop

A lovely long workshop with two sessions creatively re-purposing everyday objects.

Fashion Show

Come to see and buy some exciting fashions presented by 'Foxyladies' aka Sandra Jones, Personal Dresser.

Nordic Walking Taster Session

Nordic walking is a method of improving cardiovascular health, maintaining muscle strength and bone health.

Water For All?

Water is a precious resource. From plastic pollution to groundwater depletion, there are many significant issues facing the global supply of water.

Queen Victoria: A Life in Portraits

Throughout her life, Queen Victoria was painted by the leading artists of the day. Follow Queen Victoria's story in a selection of these portraits and see a winsome toddler develop into the symbol of our nation.

Edwardian Cavalcade

Step back in time to when people would flock to music halls.


Ros Trophy

The Ros Trophy is a WFWI speaking competition held every other year. This year we are celebrating the vast library of Agatha Christie.