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Koo Xue: Warwick is working hard to improve the employment strength of Chinese students

Chinese news website praises the University of Warwick for its hard work and success in improving the employment strength of Chinese students – with initiatives such as the Warwick China Careers Fair. (May 2020).

Tue 02 Jun 2020, 17:05 | Tags: coverage

Phoenix TV News: the future of plastics

Hong Kong based broadcaster Phoenix TV News interviews Dr Fengwei (David) Xie from WMG, University of Warwick, about his research on the future of plastic. (May 2020). Read his piece on the Warwick Knowledge Centre here.

Tue 02 Jun 2020, 17:01 | Tags: expert comment, coverage

Sina Finance: Top 10 weird astronomical discoveries of 2020

"The white dwarf star in the form of a supernova speeds away -- University of Warwick/Mark Garlick" (January 2021)


Fri 08 Jan 2021, 16:25 | Tags: coverage

EE Focus: '6 things to consider when integrating sensors in a vehicle'

Chinese news website reports: "Deliver-E is a prototype of an electric delivery vehicle, jointly developed by Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), University of Warwick and Asthheimer in the UK. It integrates the camera on the side of the vehicle and integrates LiDAR Place it in a prominent position at the rear of the car." Also covered in AET China. (January 2021). 

Fri 08 Jan 2021, 16:22 | Tags: coverage

Sohu / Li Si Chen Study Abroad: eight major business schools in the UK

"When it comes to Warwick University, many people give a thumbs up. Why? It is the domineering president of many international students. At a young age, both the school ranking and the ease of school are among the best. Especially the Warwick Business School, which is the first business school in the UK to obtain the 'triple accreditation'." October 2020.

Thu 22 Oct 2020, 16:11 | Tags: coverage

Sohu / Kai Tak Education: British study abroad for popular science and engineering master's degrees

Article lists the well-known British universities for computer science and information systems, including the University of Warwick. October 2020.

Thu 22 Oct 2020, 16:05 | Tags: coverage

Sohu / Happy Living UK: British Chinese had the highest income in the country during the epidemic year

Article reports a recent study by the University of Warwick, which shows that British immigrants have quietly climbed to the top of the national income pyramid within these 20 years. October 2020.

Thu 22 Oct 2020, 16:01 | Tags: coverage

DZH: 'the demand for e-commerce talents has skyrocketed!'

What are the famous e-commerce schools in the UK? This article lists University of Warwick, MSc e-Business Management (e-BM) E-commerce Management Master's degree. October 2020

Thu 22 Oct 2020, 15:59 | Tags: coverage, COVID19

Sohu / Li Si Chen Study Abroad: strong UK schools for engineering

"The establishment time of Warwick University may be the shortest compared to many universities in the UK, but it is indeed the fastest growing. Warwick has consistently ranked among the top ten in the overall ranking of British universities [...] WMG is the flagship college of the university, with strong funds and first-class teaching facilities, which is worth picking." October 2020

Thu 22 Oct 2020, 15:54 | Tags: coverage

FT Chinese: U.K. Business School MBA applicants surge

"Warwick Business School is one of the schools that has experienced a surge in student numbers. This year, the number of applicants for full-time MBA programs at the school has increased by 56%." October 2020.

Thu 22 Oct 2020, 15:51 | Tags: coverage

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