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Pregnant women a priority risk group for Covid-19 vaccination: expert comment

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has announced that pregnant women should be regarded as a clinical risk group and prioritised for vaccination against Covid-19. Dr Sarah Hillman of Warwick Medical School comments on why it's so important that pregnant women get vaccinated.

Thu 16 Dec 2021, 16:17 | Tags: Pregnancy, WMS, Research, Health and Medicine, Warwick Medical School

Antibiotic-resistant infections: we can be part of the problem or solution, say experts

UK health officials are warning of a "hidden pandemic" of antibiotic-resistant infections if people fail to act responsibly after Covid, as reported in BBC News today. University of Warwick experts at the frontier of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) research offer their comment.

UK flour to be fortified with folic acid: Warwick Medical School expert comments

The UK Government has announced that folic acid is to be added to flour in the UK to help prevent neural tube defects in pregnancy. Professor Ponnusamy Saravanan of Warwick Medical School comments on what the current research on folic acid supplementation tells us.

Tue 21 Sep 2021, 10:45 | Tags: WMS, Research, Health and Medicine, Warwick Medical School

Inclisiran a "belt and braces" approach to cholesterol: Prof Zammit

A "game-changing" anti-cholesterol drug is to be offered to people in England and Wales on the NHS, according to BBC News. Professor Victor Zammit, from Warwick Medical School, comments.

Wed 01 Sep 2021, 09:38 | Tags: NHS, Health, Health and Medicine, Warwick Medical School

"Social care and educational policies" needed to tackle chronic conditions: Dr Nicole Tang

A new study has revealed that about one in three people in their late 40s suffer from chronic health issues. See story here. Dr Nicole Tang is a health psychologist and an expert on chronic conditions -- she shares her expert comment.

Wed 28 Jul 2021, 12:26 | Tags: Health, mental health, Health and Medicine, Public Health, Psychology

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