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John Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, warns Ukraine war no excuse for prolonging coal.

As media report that whilst the Bonn Climate Change Conference starts today (6 June) John Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, for the US Department of State, warns Ukraine war no excuse for prolonging coal. Alastair Smith, Senior Teaching Fellow, Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick comments.

Mon 06 Jun 2022, 11:26 | Tags: Climate change, Policy, climate, Ukraine

Fishing negotiations: Expert comment

Professor Abhinay Muthoo from Warwick's Department of Economics comments on the ongoing negotiations on fishing between France and the UK.

Tue 02 Nov 2021, 14:50 | Tags: Politics, Economics, Brexit, Policy, Britain, trade, Food

Heat pump subsidy: expert comment

Dr Jonathan Clarke from Warwick's Centre for Global Sustainable Development comments on the announcement that the UK government will subsidise homeowners to replace gas boilers with heat pumps.

Tue 19 Oct 2021, 15:32 | Tags: Politics, Housing, environment, Climate change, Policy, climate, COP26

COP26 is a useful exercise in getting countries to commit to targets: Caroline Kuzemko

Dr Caroline Kuzemko from PAIS on US climate envoy John Kerry's 'last best hope' comment

Queen's Speech - Lifetime Skills Guarantee

"It is important that people possess skills which are relevant to the labour market. Equally, it is important that people have access to training which will keep their skills up to date. The government clearly recognises these two points with its Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Lifelong Loan Entitlement announced today." Professor Terence Hogarth from the Warwick Institute for Employment Research comments on proposed adult education reforms.

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