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WHO report that one in four children in England aren't getting enough sleep - Dr Michelle Miller comments

As a new report from the World Health Organisation shows that one in four 11 to 15-year-olds in England has too little sleep, Dr Michelle Miller of Warwick Medical School, discusses the what her own research into sleep in young people has revealed.

Thu 23 Jan 2020, 13:31 | Tags: WMS, Research, Health and Medicine, medicine, Warwick Medical School

‘Sleepwalking into male-orientated medicine’: University of Warwick academic speaks on medical feminism

A Warwick Medical School academic has highlighted how the medical profession’s historical focus on men has left a legacy of male-orientated medicine today in a talk for TEDxNHS.

Expert comment: Many poorer countries suffer a double burden of malnutrition

Dr Rishi Caleyachetty from Warwick Medical School, comments on the Lancet report published today.

Dr James Gill: Minimum pricing for alcohol 'is clearly part of the answer' in tackling alcohol abuse

Minimum pricing for alcohol in Scotland appears to have had the effect of reducing alcohol consumption, according to a new study. Dr James Gill from Warwick Medical School and a locum GP argues that this is strong evidence that targeting alcohol purchasing will have a public health benefit.

Thu 26 Sep 2019, 10:30 | Tags: WMS, Research, Health and Medicine, medicine, Warwick Medical School

NICE Hypertension Guidelines for adults: what is new? Professor Francesco Cappuccio comments

"This is not only a missed opportunity to improve the management of hypertension in people with the highest risk, but a challenge for the implementation of the guideline in primary care."

Wed 28 Aug 2019, 09:40 | Tags: WMS, Health and Medicine, medicine, Warwick Medical School

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