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The University of Warwick appoints CEO of Ukraine’s leading government watchdog as Visiting Professor

The University of Warwick has appointed Dr Vita Dumanska, the leader of Ukraine's government watchdog CHESNO, as a Visiting Professor in the Institute of Advanced Study.

The appointment further underlines the University's commitment to supporting Ukraine, which includes partnerships, leadership summer schools, exchange schemes and knowledge exchanges.

Dr Dumanska has 14 years of in-depth experience in public campaign management, advocacy, and programme management.

CHESNO is a leading movement in Ukraine, which advocates for a ‘high quality political culture’ and assess politicians’ actions and political processes objectively.

At Warwick, Vita will be working with colleagues from across the organisation, including the Institute of Advanced Study (IAS), Warwick Institute of Engagement (WIE) and Warwick Business School (WBS).

Dr Vita Dumanska, Leader of CHESNO and incoming Visiting Professor: ''It is a privilege to join the Institute of Advanced Studies and work closely with the Warwick Institute of Engagement and the Warwick Business School as a visiting professor. I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

“While seeing UK’s support for Ukraine in its time of need is heartening, we must also recognise that collaboration between educational institutions and organisations is vital.

“Drawing from my experience at CHESNO and my background in monitoring Ukrainian politics, I am eager to offer my expertise to our British partners. Together, we can work to bridge the gap between our nations and share our successes in citizen engagement. We can contribute to a brighter future for our countries and the global community through dialogue, research, and exchanging ideas."

Professor Stuart Croft, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Warwick, said "When the invasion started, I made a commitment that we would do everything possible to support the Ukrainian people. The appointment of Dr Dumanska marks another step in our ongoing effort to build further links with Ukraine, so we can continue to learn from each other and offer real practical support and help both during the war but also afterwards when the country rebuilds.”

Director of IAS, Professor Mohan Balasubramanian, Director of IAS, said: “We are delighted to welcome Dr Vita Dumanska to join us at the Institute of Advanced Study. Not only will she be a real asset to the IAS, but her appointment also recognises the crucially important work she and her organisation are currently doing in Ukraine. Warwick is proud to strengthen its links with Ukraine and Ukrainian thought leaders, especially at this critical juncture in the global political landscape”.

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