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Fusion Fest takes University of Warwick Esports to the next level

It’s the start of a new era for games and esports at the University of Warwick as Warwick Esports celebrates its move to central campus.

The centre’s new location at Fusion in the Rootes Building includes state-of-the-art esports equipment and games, and a bar offering food and drink. The centre is open to students & staff as well as the public and community groups.

Amber Hassan, Equal Opportunities Officer at Warwick Esports said: “The Esports Centre’s new location at Fusion represents the perfect blend between innovation, cutting edge technology and passion.
“Now in the heart of our campus, the centre is the beat of our community, creating an unparalleled gaming space that redefines the esports experience for everyone.”

The University of Warwick is committed to developing esports and other creative industries including content creation, immersive technology, and broadcasting (CreaTech), and kicked off its official launch event Fusion Fest this week with an action-packed programme of activity.

The programme included free play on PC’s, consoles and racing sims. It also featured a demonstration showcasing HADO, a team sport played with up to three people using head-mounted displays and armband sensors, racing tournaments, society tournament takeovers and casual consoles and board games.

Through a dynamic blend of tournaments, workshops, and keynote speeches, attendees are delving into the fascinating world of games and esports, exploring its impact on education, technology, and business.

Mick McLaughlin, Business Development Manager (CreaTech) said: "Fusion Fest represents a pivotal moment in our journey towards innovation, excellence, and CreaTech.
“With the relocation of our new Esports Centre to a more prominent location we are not only creating a destination, but we’re also embracing emerging technologies and fostering a vibrant community where creativity thrives, and boundaries are pushed."

The Centre will be open Monday- Friday 11.00am-11.00pm and Saturday-Sunday 2.00pm-11.00pm and bookings are open for pay to play sessions, social events, business events, skills programmes, and school experiences. Enquiries can be made through the Warwick Esports website.


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Thu 07 Mar 2024, 09:00 | Tags: Students, Campus news, esports, Gaming