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“The most impactful of all initiatives geared towards bolstering Ukraine”: Ukrainian delegates take new education approaches and connections home from Warwick.

Educational leaders in Ukraine, who have been working in bomb shelters and through blackouts, came to the University of Warwick last month to take part in the Leadership for Educational Transformation programme.

Participants have been reflecting on their experiences, with one referring to the programme as a “beacon of investment in Ukraine’s future”, as they look to the future of Ukraine’s education system for the rebuilding and recovery of their country.

Attendees describe the programme as the “most impactful of all initiatives geared towards bolstering Ukraine” thanks to the cohort of academic excellence, and the “transformative tools tailor-made for efficacious deployment in Ukraine”.

The programme was launched by Dr Bo Kelestyn, from the University of Warwick Business School. Ukraine born Associate Professor Dr Kelestyn co-designed the programme with Professor Gwen van der Velden, Professor of Education, and Ivanna Kurtyk, Deputy CEO of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science as they look to transform Ukraine’s education system post-war.

The programme, called Leadership for Educational Transformation and based at the School of Education, Learning and Communication Sciences (SELCS) welcomed 40 education professionals from the war-torn country to the University of Warwick campus.

Participant: Diana Rakus, Ministry of Digital and Transformation of Ukraine, Head of the Expert Group on Investment Attraction and Project Lead on IT Education.


“Keeping the economy in Ukraine running remains our most important task, as it is impossible to successfully defeat the enemy without it. We are proud of the extraordinary resilience and adaptability shown by Ukrainians.”

“Although travel has become more difficult, at least two days to reach some desired destinations, the world has become close to Ukraine – and we have expanded our horizons and united our hearts and skills for one common goal – to win and make Ukraine prosperous.”

“The University of Warwick is all about the people! I am so grateful to the organisers and our amazing group for such a unique opportunity and unforgettable experience. I am confident that these connections will transform into successful projects for education development in Ukraine.”

Participant: Dr Dmytro Chumachenko, Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematical Modelling and Artificial Intelligence at the National Aerospace University (Kharkiv Aviation Institute) in Ukraine.

“Just today, my university’s campus bore the brunt of 160 shellings by Russian forces. Yet, in the face of extensive physical devastation, our educational and research endeavours persevere undeterred.”

“The Leadership for Educational Transformation’ programme at the University of Warwick stands as a beacon of investment in Ukraine’s future, positioning it as a formidable contender in the global educational arena. The programme imparted cutting-edge expertise by congregating top-tier educators from diverse backgrounds, which is paramount to Ukraine. It offered an intimate glimpse into the university’s inner workings and unveiled pioneering practices that transcended university-level applications.”

“In my estimation, the Leadership for Educational Transformation programme stands out as the most impactful of all the initiatives geared towards bolstering Ukraine. By curating a cohort of the crème de la crème of the educational sphere, the programme has equipped us with transformative tools tailor-made for efficacious deployment in Ukraine.

“I ardently anticipate the programme’s continuation and extend my heartfelt gratitude to the University of Warwick community for their unwavering support towards Ukraine. I eagerly await my next visit to your esteemed campus”.


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