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DSSGx 2022 Projects

The 2022 projects were a diverse mix, with partners from charity and local government, covering different topics including the environment, young people and poverty. The fellows were presented with a range of problems, that required different solutions, using their skills, learning and experience, working with their Technical Mentor and Project Managers, to deliver.

To find out more about each one, take a look at the videos below:

Buckinghamshire Council & EY Foundation – Supporting Young People  

In this project, we are be working with Buckinghamshire Council to predict and identify children with high risk of becoming NEET (Not Employed, in Education or Training), which is linked to a higher likelihood of unemployment, low wages, and lower quality of work later in life. Based on the prediction, Buckinghamshire Council will be able to provide additional support to the children at risk, with the goal of reducing the rate of NEETs from 7% to below the national average of 5.5%. The tool will also be usable by other councils.

buckinghamshire council logo EY_foundation

UNICEF & Save the Children – Child Poverty

This is a joint project between UNICEF and Save the Children to predict multi-dimensional child poverty in developing countries, to optimise both organisation’s resource allocation, national policy planning and ongoing advocacy across 50+ wide-ranging projects. These programs impact 197 million children each year alone in immunization, sanitation, nutrition and education outcomes. We will take reference from Facebook’s Data4Good publications on the Global Wealth Index and use multiple data formats from satellite imagery to local survey data to create a resource prioritization application.

unicef logosave the children logo

St Basils – Youth Homelessness  

St Basils is a highly successful charity organisation providing support to 4,000 young adults aged 16 – 25 years old every year, who are homeless or in immediate danger of becoming homeless. They would like us to build a model to predict the probability of a positive outcome depending on levels of support received for new clients, and their critical status during the point of intake when they start using St Basils services.

st. Basils

Pure Leapfrog & West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) – Carbon Zero

In this project, we will be supporting two organizations, WMCA and Pure Leapfrog, on their quest to lead the United Kingdom to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2041. We will be helping them to predict and identify urgent candidate homes that would require infrastructure retrofitting, through predicting, clustering, and imputing missing EPC rating values for over 500,000 houses.

pure leapfrog logo West Midlands Combined Authority Logo