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Materials Week

Materials Week is organised by the Materials GRP to highlight excellence in Materials Research at Warwick.

We have a broad range of activities, from academic workshops to Outreach Lectures. We hope that there is something to interest everyone. Click on the “Materials Week Planner” link to view the full programme of events.

If you need any further details about the events, please contact the Materials GRP Administrator,
Please indicate which events you are interested in attending. Tick as many as apply
For the following talks, please use the links on the navigation bar at the top of the page:
- Dr Stuart Cantrill: “Social Media and Science:
Outreach Lecture: “Materials Matter”
- Egg Drop
- Prof Ale Troisi: “Warwick Material Modelling meets Industry” (Academic Workshop)
- Dr Neil Wilson: “Electrochemical properties of two-dimensional materials and their applications in nanocomposites” (Academic Workshop)
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