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Impact and Innovation

We deliver pioneering research for impact and innovation

Our research delivers tangible and lasting impact across the world. We respond to large-scale societal needs and challenges and we're helping change the world for the better through our solution-focused research.

Achieving impact from our research is an integral part of our mission, and we work with partners around the globe and across disciplines to tackle major challenges facing society, the economy and our environment

We also host a range of innovation activities, from industry-University secondments, industrial fellowships in areas of relevance to the Government’s Industrial Strategy, collaborative projects with practitioners in the public and private sector and with creative industries and industry engagement days.

As part of our impact and innovation, our expert commercialisation team, Warwick Ventures, is increasing its service delivery with regards to business development, innovation and commercialisation across all departments, supporting impact from the Arts, Social Sciences, Science, Engineering and Medicine, Warwick Business School and Warwick Manufacturing Group.

We are committed to supporting our academics through internal funding for innovative research with high potential for future impact.

Crop disease


Warwick Crop Centre researchers have been investigating the causes of fusarium basal rot.



Can changes in the brain's chemistry be observed before brain cells die?

Sleep deprivation


Researching the link between sleep deprivation and health problems.

Food poverty


Why are people in a rich country using food banks? Is this a good thing?

Happiness and health


Analysing the causal links between happiness, health and productivity.

Behavioural science


Do our minds have hidden depths or do we creatively make things up as we go along?

Digital Healthcare


Researching new ways of treating patients that make use of digital technology.

Medieval Construction


Examining the aesthetic and structural aspects of the buildings of medieval England.

Multicultural Shakespeare


Mapping the history of non-white actors' and directors' growing role in British cultural life.