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Food GRP

food in a market

We're changing the world. Are you ready?

We believe people deserve to eat regularly, sustainably, fairly and well.

The world's population needs to be served by a food system that can continually meet the challenges we face.

Our initiatives revolve around issues of sustainability, equity and culture. We aspire to be an interdisciplinary hub for research engaging with food and drink systems, fostering active and inclusive involvement of academics and other stakeholders, within and beyond our regional communities.


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The Food GRP provides support and resources for those working within any field relating to food and drink studies. Our grants of up to £1000 can be applied for throughout the year and need to be spent by 31 July 2023.
For more information visit our funding page: Funding - Food GRP (

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    Our three priority themes

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    We are always happy to discuss ideas on other topics and to consider funding applications for research and outreach initiatives in the field of food & drink studies.