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Confirmed Posters

  • Broadening Horizons: Applications of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Marc Walker & the Warwick XPS team (PDF Document)
  • Band-structure effects in vertical layered-material heterostructures Gabriel C. Constantinescu and Nicholas D. M. Hine (PDF Document)
  • Graphene doping as a function of copper substrate separation: a first-principles study Peter Brommer, Alexander Marsden, Gavin Bell, Neil Wilson, David Quigley (PDF Document)
  • The study of surface structure and Ga segregation in MnSb(0001) surface using first principles Haiyuan Wang (PDF Document)
  • Enhanced Spin Polarization at n-MnSb(0001)/InP(111) Interface Collins E. Ouserigha*, Haiyuan Wang, Christopher W. Burrows and Gavin R. Bell (PDF Document)
  • Development of a high intensity electrospray source for UHV deposition of large functional molecules for in-situ STM studies Daniel Warr, Luís M. A. Perdigão, Jonathan Blohm, Harry Pinfold, Mark Barrow, Alex Colburn, Giovanni Costantini (PDF Document)
  • Self-Assembly and On-Surface Reactions of Binol Molecules on Copper Surfaces James Lawrence*, Luka Dordevic, Daphné Stassen, Davide Bonifazi, Giovanni Costantini (PDF Document)
  • Synthesis of Sb2Te3 nanomaterials by Vapour-Liquid-Solid mechanism Sourabh Barua (PDF Document)
  • DFT Studies of Support-Adsorbed Cobalt Compounds for Catalysis of Gas-to-Liquid Conversion Reactions Kevin Duff (PDF Document)
  • Non-covalent functionalization of graphene with a self-limiting monolayer for controlling hydrophilicity and macro-molecule immoblilization Zachary P. L. Laker, Concha Bosch-Navarro, Alexander J. Marsden, Jonathan P. Rourke, Neil R. Wilson (PDF Document)
  • A comprehensive surface science study of TCNQ on Ag(111) P. Blowey*, L. A. Rochford, D. A. Duncan, D. Warr, T-L. Lee, G. Costantini, D. P. Woodruff (PDF Document)
  • Dehydration study of Layered Double Hydroxides intercalated with Amino Acids: insights into the Origin of Life Valentina Erastova, Matteo T Degiacomi, H Christopher Greenwell (PDF Document) 
  • The Effect of pH on Pesticide-Soil-Mineral Interactions: A Molecular Modelling Study of Glyphosate-Clay Interfaces Jessica N. S. Leung, Valentina Erastova, Thomas Underwood, and H. Christopher Greenwell (PDF Document) 
  • Gas-phase and MgO(100)-supported Au, Pd, and AuPd Sub-nanometre Clusters: Structures and Energetic Analysis Heider A. Hussein, Roy L. Johnston (PDF Document) 
  • The surface structure of truxenones on coinage metals Luke Rochford*, Alex Ramadan, Sarah Holliday, Christian Nielsen and Tim Jones (PDF Document)