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New Initiatives

Health Events across the EU

This compilation of health events across the EU has been provided by the Brussels office to the Science & Technology for Health GRP.

Please contact Janet Higham for any further information.


Wed 05 Mar 2014, 14:55 | Tags: S&T for Health, H2020, EU

Warwick scientific services for business

Warwick scientific services for business will help you find the right solution for the job!

  • Understand your materials, products and systems

  • Improve their performance

  • Increase business competitiveness

Our facilities and knowledge can help you with:

  • New technologies and product innovation

  • Process control and improvement

  • Materials and energy efficiency

  • Failure investigation

  • Supply chain development

Mon 02 Dec 2013, 16:01 | Tags: GPP

Warwick Centre for Applied Health Research and Delivery

The aim of the Warwick Centre for Applied Health Research and Delivery, (WCAHRD), is to contribute through research to a healthy future for low and middle income populations. WCAHRD is part of CAHRD which is a network co-ordinated by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM). CAHRD brings together individuals, disciplines and organisations to develop practical solutions to health needs. In particular CAHRD will work with resource limited nations to transform health systems and improve the health of low income populations.

Thu 24 Jan 2013, 10:48 | Tags: S&T for Health, GPP

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